Travelling to Kangaroo Island after the fires

Travelling to Kangaroo Island after the bushfires

Travelling to Kangaroo Island after the fires? Here’s our update and useful information.  

In the Australian Summer of 2019/2020 bushfires impacted Kangaroo Island which forced us to temporarily close down our homes at Snellings View.  Here you will find information about travelling to Kangaroo Island after the fires, including what is accessible, what is not and what you can do to support our community. 

In total 49% of the island was impacted but amazingly most of the island is back up and running again with assistance, support and funds channeled to the areas of need. Resilience is certainly being displayed on Kangaroo Island.  

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Kangaroo Island Travel Ideas

The Southern Australian Tourism Commission has put together this wonderful wonderful guide to travelling around Kangaroo Island. This features so many wonderful places to visit, to relax and to really get to know this magical island. 

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Kangaroo Island Suggested Itinerary 2-6 Days

There is so much to do and see on KI, so we have put together a number of suggested itineraries to help you to ensure you don’t miss out on the best parts! Of course we recommend you visit Snellings Beach and view the local wildlife, but there is so much fresh produce about that you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit a number of local restaurants and producers.  Continue Reading…