Kangaroo Island Post-Bushfire Update

On December 21st  the Middle River area where we are located was severely impacted by bushfire.

Although Snellings View suffered no damage, our neighbour Tammar Ridge was destroyed. The fire became active again on January 2nd along with new outbreaks on Kangaroo Island. There has been much property, residential and livestock loss. Tragically, there has also been lives lost. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been or are being  directly impacted by these devastating fires. We are very appreciative of the efforts of Kangaroo Islanders who have selflessly fought these fires, placing themselves at risk to protect assets.

In support of our Kangaroo Island business and to thank our guests for choosing Kangaroo Island and Snellings View for your holiday destination we wish to offer guests staying between February and June a complimentary KANGAROO ISLAND WELCOME PACK. This pack is valued at $75 and comprises a selection of some of the terrific and varied produce created on this amazing and resilient Island.

ENJOY with compliments from SNELLINGS VIEW