Travelling to Kangaroo Island after the bushfires

Travelling to Kangaroo Island after the bushfires

Travelling to Kangaroo Island after the fires? Here’s our update and useful information.  

In the Australian Summer of 2019/2020 bushfires impacted Kangaroo Island which forced us to temporarily close down our homes at Snellings View.  Here you will find information about travelling to Kangaroo Island after the fires, including what is accessible, what is not and what you can do to support our community. 

In total 49% of the island was impacted but amazingly most of the island is back up and running again with assistance, support and funds channeled to the areas of need. Resilience is certainly being displayed on Kangaroo Island.  

At the time of writing this it has been almost 10 weeks since the fires swept across parts of the island. Miraculously we did not suffer any serious damage but that certainly was not the case for our neighbours at Tammar Ridge. Their beautiful home was destroyed in a firestorm that raced up the gully behind them on December 21st, 2019. The fires, which began from lighting strikes on December 20th, continued for 3 weeks as new fires began and merged together.
The road network across the western end of the island was heavily impacted.  The roads to Snelling Beach remained closed until late January as hot spots continued to cause concern in areas close to the road. Our power returned mid January but was somewhat unreliable as crews worked to restore power across the entire west end of the island.
We had a big clean up at Snellings View, washing walls and windows, cleaning roofs and gutters. Fortunately, late in January, a large storm dropped solid rains over all of the island, even causing localised flooding, but certainly helped douse the remaining live hot spots.
There has been much property, residential and livestock loss. Tragically, there has also been lives lost. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been or are being  directly impacted by these devastating fires. We are very appreciative of the efforts of Kangaroo Islanders who have selflessly fought these fires, placing themselves at risk to protect assets.
Mother nature is a wonderful force and within only weeks new growth and greenery was visible through the charred and ash covered landscape. Here’s some images taken recently as evidence of the amazing life force witnessed around Snellings View and across Kangaroo Island.
You can view the full gallery of images taken after the fires at this link.
It is our hope that you travellers may consider holidaying on Kangaroo Island and choose to stay with us on the North Coast, at Middle River. There is nothing quite like the magic of this island! 
As a goodwill gesture, and in support of the small businesses around the island, we are offering a complimentary Kangaroo Island Welcome Pack for guests staying between February and June 2020. This wonderful pack is valued at $75 and comprises a selection of some of the terrific and varied produce created on this amazing and resilient Island.


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